• Disclaimer

    During BodyBeats Fitness classes, we aim to give you a calm and effective class.

    To achieve this, we ask that you never force any exercise, position or stretch. If you are unsure about any part of the class, please speak to your teacher. We ask that you never perform any move that you are not comfortable with.

    Please ask your teacher for an alternative if you do not feel confident or happy.

    If you feel you are not well, it is best not to attend the class. We do not recommend you attend class within 24 hours of any immunisation (e.g flu jab).

    For the safety of all participants, no shoes and socks should be worn during classes to avoid slips. If you choose to wear socks, this is done at your own risk.

    We recommend seeking the advice of a GP or Health Visitor before commencing classes if you have any concerns.

    Booking T&Cs

    Booking and Payment:

    Bookings are made in 6-week blocks.

    You must book through the secure link provided. If you join after the 6-week block has commenced, you will be sent a secure link to pay.


    First Refusal and Rebooking:

    As a participant in a class, you are given first refusal on your place for the following block.

    If you choose not to rebook the next block, your place will not be guaranteed for future blocks unless space is available.


    Missed Classes:

    Missed classes are non-refundable.

    At the discretion of BodyBeats, you may be allowed to catch up on missed sessions in another class.


    Class Changes and Cancellations:

    BodyBeats reserves the right to cancel or move classes with 24 hours' notice.

    If hall availability changes or holidays occur, BodyBeats will reschedule the class or provide an online version of the class.


    Notification and Cancellations:

    You must notify us by week 5 of the block if you do not wish to attend the next block. This allows us adequate time to cancel your payment and notify the waiting list of available spots.

    Notices given after week 5 will still be charged.


    Capacity and Fairness:

    Classes are currently running at full capacity. These terms and conditions are in place to ensure the system is fair to all participants.